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Sartorius Quartier, Göttingen

The construction-period production hall was part of the new factory built in 1898 by the Sartorius company on Weender Landstraße in Göttingen. To ensure compliance with the Ordinance on Places of Assembly, the historic facade in the historic alley between Annastraße and Weender Landstraße was elaborately and completely preserved. The shed-roofed hall constructed between the buildings 6 and 8 from the construction period was built approx. 140cm higher and approx. 75cm lower than the existing building. This enables a multifunctional use with up to 945 seats in addition to the daily university operations of the HAWK.

  • Project type:

    Direct commission

  • Team:

    Katharina Janowski (project management), Christoph Lorenz, Cindy Hoffmeister, Christine Diewitz Jäger, Matteo Gambina, Timo Batschi

  • Structural engineers:

    Qintus Ingenieurhaus

  • HVAC:

    Rücken und Partner Göttingen

  • Electrical:

    Keydel Bock ingenieure, Göttingen

  • Fire protection:

    Ingenieurbüro T. Wackermann

  • Client:

    Sartorius AG

  • GFA:

    2.090 sqm

  • Completion:

    2020 through 2022

  • Photos:

    Klaus Frahm