Charles de PicciottoArchitekt BDA

Bar & Lounge "Die Welt ist schön"

A small house in the Neuer Pferdemarkt area of Hamburg's Schanze district was rescued from oblivion. Built around the turn of the 20th century, then reduced by one storey after the Second World War, the house had been crying out for a suitable use for decades. The new functions that have put life back in this townhouse are: bar, lounge, garden, and sundeck. The concept is a self-contained cosmos. The mutually stimulating interiors give the building a lively and timelessly innovative spirit. Its organic nature is made evident through the abstract integration of the four basic elements of life - water, earth, fire and air.

  • Team: Picciotto, A.Serra Gonzales, D.Winter

  • Light design:

    Ulrike Brandi

  • Client:

    Breser, Segebrecht, Zimmermann OHG

  • Scope of services:

    LP 1 to 8 HOAI (all phases)

  • GFA:

    250 sqm

  • Construction volume:

    400,000 Euro

  • Completion:


  • Photos:

    Klaus Frahm, Hamburg