Charles de PicciottoArchitekt BDA


A fusion of theory and reality: our teamwork is based at all times on a correspondingly sound concept. The concept evolves from our analysis of location, requirements, historical background and vision. This approach produces a result which is to the highest degree individual and appropriate.


We observe. For us, location represents a process driven by history and vision. Locations mean dynamism - shaped by buildings, images, sound, and living history. Locations motivate us to explore, to analyze: to understand the location. These conditions form the basis of our concept.


We listen. Requirements arise from an understanding of the location, the situation and all prevailing circumstances affecting residents or users. These conditions provide a framework in which we integrate all the requirements, a framework we regularly consult in the course of the project.


We change. Visions are resilient, elastic structures. They grow from conditions and dialogue. Visions are design-generating processes, alive and accountable: processes of growth. Visions come alive - for our clients and for us.


We make decisions. The energy generated by location, requirements, and vision spawns a solid and viable concept. Every concept comprises the sum of its possible changes. It can accommodate new decisions but stand up to pressure. Its potential is timeless and immediate.