Charles de PicciottoArchitekt BDA

Newmans Park, Hamburg

A single-family house from the 1970s used to stand on the former park site. The new, single-storey building with a staggered storey develops a self-confident closed facade to the street, but transparent facades into the private garden zones. The interior of the building is grouped on three sides around the central, two-storey hall with three flights of stairs, flooded with light by the hall-sized glass skylight. The outside facilities of the approximately 2,000 sqm property were also designed by the architects. The garden area refers precisely to the bulges of the cubic structure. The result are narrow, elongated lines of sight with surprising widenings along the street and in the private garden behind the house.

  • Project type:

    Direct commission

  • Team:

    C. de Picciotto,
    C. Schröder (project management)

  • Structural engineers:

    amp Ingenieurbüro für
    Bauwesen, Hamburg

  • Client:


  • Scope of services:

    LP 1 to 9 HOAI (all phases)

  • GFA:

    550 sqm

  • Completion:

    2012 - 2013

  • Photos:

    Klaus Frahm, Hamburg