Charles de PicciottoArchitekt BDA

Musikzentrum Hamburg St. Pauli

The task of the "music center" is to accommodate young, up-and-coming musicians and small, established labels under one roof. A particular advantage is the site's genius loci. Its dynamism is mirrored in the architectural plans. However different musical instruments might be, there are certain features common to them share: curvaceous forms which are nonetheless subordinate to strict order. There can be no music without curvature, without smooth transitions. Similar to an instrument, the design for the Musikzentrum is divided into different interrelated and intercommunicating areas of activity.

Competition, 2nd prize

  • Handling and submission:

    de Picciotto und Wittorf Architekten BDA

  • Design:

    Charles de Picciotto

  • Client:

    Steg, Hamburg

  • GFA:

    2,500 sqm

  • Volume:

    3,750,000 Euro

  • Period:


  • Model:

    Petrelli und Monkenbusch, Hamburg